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Determining your hiking style is the first and most important step to identify the right itinerary for you. A hiking style encompasses both speed and endurance to determine how far a hiker wants to travel each day. Based on my experience with fellow Haute Route hikers, I’ve developed the following summary to help categorise each hikers style. Using a common route puts all the key information in the hikers hands to chose which style suits them best.

Are you a camper? We have unique itineraries built especially for you! They range from plans focused on wild camping along the trail to those preferring private campsites with amenities such as a hot shower each night. As there are large protected nature and game reserves along the trail, this prohibits camping in certain areas. Our itineraries comply with the protected areas to ensure you can pitch your tent with confidence!

The table contains statistics of Walker’s Haute Route itineraries to help hikers determine their style. The time estimates used is Naismith's rule + Atkins, Langmuirs & Brendan's Corrections. *Shortcuts are available longest days. **The longest day for Speedy All Highlights can be reduced to 7 hours by catching a gondola through a ski area and taking a more direct trail (which is provided as an alternative route in the mobile map). Some values have been rounded

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