Follow the Money

Where does it go?

As much as I’d like it to keep the products free, I do need to ensure there is a sustainable business model that will allow me to continue supporting Haute Route hikers for many years to come. I am committed to providing transparency on where the money will go;

75% - Product development and maintenance for the Haute Route + keeping me fed/sheltered…you know, the essentials!

18% - New trail product development. You’ll get a vote on which legendary trail I bring onto the platform next and a discount :)

7% - Local trail association donation to be made at the end of each hiking season (October). We’ll send you an email with details once done.

In an effort to keep the products accessibly priced, I’ve estimated that I will need to provide valuable support on at least 5 legendary trails to reach a sustainable business model. I’m aiming to achieve by 2020.

my quality GUARANTEE

I’m committed to providing high quality products. My experience as a Chartered Accountant and leading banking regulatory calculation system transformations demonstrates that I have an eye for detail and accuracy. I also take great pride in the quality of my work and therefore personally test all my products in the field and convince other hikers to give it a try for free before launching.

During the 2019 season, over 500 hikers used my products and service to prepare and navigate the Walker’s Haute Route and Tour du Mont Blanc. I was really happy with the feedback and some customers even posted reviews on my Facebook pages which you can read here.

For the 2020 summer, I will ‘break the trail’ during June before any hikers complete the journey. The goal of this trip is to check the quality of the trail after winter, review snow depth on mountain passes and make any final updates to the information I’ve provided to customers (eg: 2020 shortcut schedule and prices) before they arrive to start the trail. I completed the same hike between the 10th - 18th of June in 2019 which you can read about here.

With all that said, I am only human so mistakes are possible. If any of the material I provide prevents you from having the best experience on the Haute Route, I’ll happily provide you with a full refund! Just email me at explaining what’s wrong with the material (so I can correct it!) and I’ll trigger the refund.

Do you want Free Access?

Sure…but you’ll need to give me a compelling reason why! These can include;

  • You’re hiking the Haute Route as part of a fundraiser for charity

  • You’re under 21 years old and the trail is in your backyard (live in Switzerland, France or Italy)

  • You’re a blogger and want to do a bit of quid pro quo

  • You want to be an ambassador for the trail and help me keep the information up to date

Email your pitch (or creative idea) to


For those that would like to provide a voluntary contribution to support the maintenance of Haute Route Hiking and the development of other epic self-guided hiking adventures, you can provide a donation here. Your support is much appreciated.

Donate here