We believe that the best Haute Route experience happens when self-guided hikers are confident with their plan and navigating the trail.

No matter what stage of the planning process you’re at, we can provide the confidence and support you’re looking for.



So you know you want to hike the Haute Route but not yet sure how long it will take, what route to choose or where to stay?

Working with over 80 hikers from around the world, I’ve created 15+ different itinerary variations based on their hiking style, number of days, accommodation preferences, trail highlights and budgets.

These are instantly downloadable along with offline mobile maps and access to a planning portal so you can get started with your booking straight away.

The portal is absolutely phenomenal - it is organized from the start of the Haute Route plan, to the completion of the route and guides you step by step through everything you need to plan and book. We have saved an incredible amount of time
— Marcia, Canada (Facebook Review)

ONLY Need on-trail navigation?

Do you already have a hiking plan but need on-trail navigation? We can build you a customised mobile map that follows the route you’ve already determined.

Using our database with over 1,500 GPS coordinates of trails and places of interest, we can create comprehensive Haute Route mobile trail maps, that can be used offline on any Android or Apple smartphone, removing the need for cell reception or a physical map.

Your offline mobile map will include:

  • Trail markers (including details like distance & elevation change for each section

  • Water refill points and bathrooms

  • Restaurant/food options and ATMs

  • Shortcut locations such as gondolas and buses (including schedule and price)

I’ll also provide you with information on transfer options to Chamonix/from Zermatt, a suggested gear list and insurance tips.

Wow! This map is really cool. I have wasted a lot of time over the last few days virtually hiking the Haute Route. It will be an invaluable resource which will allow us to make this trip with much more confidence
— Larry, USA

WANT A CUSTOMised Self-guided Plan?

Do you have specific needs for the Haute Route - time restrictions, accommodation, trail requirements or planning for a group? I can help you create a personalised plan for you or your group.

The most common requests I receive are;

  • Hikers that have less time to complete the trail than their hiking style/speed would allow. In this case, I have information on all the bus/train/gondola shortcuts that would allow hikers to see the main highlights and skip the rest

  • Self-guided groups that want to have more of a say in their itinerary design and a personalised planning portal that all their hiking party can use to review the plan and book their trip

I would just like to say first of all I am SO impressed with what you have done!! My husband and I hiked the TMB a year ago, and it took me four months to plan everything myself and to get luggage transfers, etc all setup. I simply love that you have put together this service!
— Suzette, USA

Have a question or need more details? Drop me an email at info@hauteroutehiking.com