Personalised Hiking Itinerary, Map and Planning portal

Do you have some specific hiking, accommodation, route or time preferences for the Haute Route? I’ve created over 30 different personalised itineraries for the Haute Route so there is a good chance I can help. The most common requests I receive are;

  • Hikers that have less time to complete the trail than their hiking style/speed would allow. In this case, I have information on all the bus/train/gondola shortcuts that would allow hikers to see the main highlights and skip the rest

  • Self-guided groups that want to have more of a say in their itinerary design and a personalised planning portal that all their hiking party can use to review the plan and book their trip

How will the process work?

  1. Once you purchase this package, you’ll receive immediate access to a planning portal with details on trail highlights, accommodation options and other preferences. 

  2. You will complete a form providing your preferences on days to complete the hike, daily hiking distance/time, accommodation options, specific trail highlights etc. These will all be built into your personalised itinerary design.

  3. I will take your preferences and design your own personalised itinerary.

  4. Once you’ve reviewed and confirm the plan meets your needs, I will send you:

  • Personalised detailed itinerary, with daily description, breakdown by key locations and highlights including distance and elevation (Available in either imperial or metric)

  • Personalised detailed offline mobile map:

    • 1,300+ GPS trail markers along your specific route to ensure you stay on track and don't get lost

    • Water refill locations

    • Bathrooms

    • Food/restaurant stops

  • Detailed transport shortcuts along the trail, including bus, train and gondola

    • Schedule

    • Price

    • Personalised booking portal specific to your itinerary including:

      • Recommendations on campsites for your specific itinerary

      • Book your airport transfers

      • Book baggage transfers

      • Recommendations on insurance for Swiss Alps tailored offline mobile maps and booking portal for your epic hiking journey from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn.

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Recommendations alongside personalised itinerary must have saved us in booking accommodation alone, we were all done and sorted in little more than an hour. We really would have been guessing on how far - can we do this in the time available - where to stay questions otherwise
— Jeremy, NZ (Facebook Review)