Baggage Transfers along the Haute Route


There are many reasons why you might consider having your bags transferred along the Haute Route:

  • Comfort - Carrying less on your back each day can help reduce overall body soreness and make for a more enjoyable journey. If you don’t have light weight gear or the experience with packing everything you need for a hike of this size, a transfer could also be a good option for you.

  • Speed - For those that plan to complete the Haute Route in less than 12 days, reducing your carry weight will help you keep the necessary pace to arrive at your planned evening location at a reasonable time each day.

  • Variety of clothes - Hiking everyday, up and down mountains will get you hot and sweaty! Unless you want to recycle the same set of clothes or do hand washing along the way, you could restock on fresh, clean clothes from your bag along the way

  • Onward travel - Most hikers either enjoy more time in the Swiss Alps or other places in Europe after they finish their hike. Its nice to have other luggage waiting for you in Zermatt to cater for your ongoing activities. No need to carry these items along the trail.


If you’ve done any research online, you’ve probably seen that baggage transfers along the Haute Route can be expensive. Typically private transfer companies quote a price based on a driver and van assigned to support your transfer that day. This price is ok for large groups (typically guided tours), that can split the cost between 8-10 people, however, for singles, couples or small groups self-guiding the Haute Route, it may be too expensive for most hikers to justify a private transfer service for your bags.


I don’t want the cost of private baggage transfer to prevent some people from completing a self-guided hike of the Haute Route. I’ve worked with local partners to create a cost-effective solution that leverages different transport options with economies of scale you can tap into across the full distance of the trail. It may require some effort on your part along the way, however, it will be significantly less than using private baggage transfer services.

The below image is an example of what the baggage transfer plan looks like;


As you can see, it’s a little more “creative” than using a single company transfer solution which is how I’ve been able to find cheaper options. However, compared to a typical ~2,000 Euro quote, I’m sure you’ll be interested!

For those hikers that just want to see there bags in Zermatt, I’ve got a great cost - effective service that will pick your bag up from your Chamonix hotel and drop it at your hotel in Zermatt too.


The cost can vary greatly based on how many times you want to access your bags and where your end locations are each day. One of our most popular baggage transfer plans are for 2 hikers with a 13-day itinerary and 2x15kg bags, who want to meet bags 5 times on the trail. The approximate cost for this is 420 Euro by using my baggage transfer plan. If you want to access your bags in more locations or would prefer to use a dedicated transfer company to support you throughout your journey, the cost will be higher.

If you’d like a cost effective luggage transfer plan, I’ve created a form in the planning portal that will be used to create a report specific to your needs with information on which service to use, approximate cost, drop-off locations, opening times, etc. You'll still need to make any necessary pre-bookings and complete the actions on the trail, but I'll explain those steps.

Because the portal is tailored to each hiking itinerary, you can only gain access by first selecting an itinerary for your epic journey. Click below to determine what your hiking style is and find the best Haute Route itinerary for you.